dilluns, 29 d’abril de 2013

Cançons per a un nebot #2 (especial bressol)

Aviat navegaràs un riu salvatge, amb tu navegarem plegats i els oceans cridaran el teu nom. Per que tu seràs la raó per començar-ho tot de nou

Heidi Talbot - Start It All Over Again

I'm the sea that surrounds you
the garden that grounds you
the sun and the wind and the rain
I am every season
you're every reason
to start it all over again
Soon you'll sail a wild river
we'll set sail together
and oceans will call out your name
and by stars you will follow
your hopes for tomorrow
and start it all over again
And if you stagger or stumble
if dreams start to crumble
I'll pick up the pieces of pain
I will cradle you cry with you
pray that you'll try to just
start it all over again
Who has eyes that can see
all the things you could be?
who has ears for the sweetest refrain?
may your heart sing forever
where the sea meets the river
and start it all over again