dijous, 2 de març de 2017

La teoria dels 10 anys

Vaig sentir aquesta reflexió l'octubre passat a una conferencia de Sundar Pichai (Director General de Google) en la que deia que si ens hi fixem la tecnologia ha avançat en grans salts cada 10 anys. Em sembla una reflexió interessant que us transcric a continuació.

If you step back and think about it, computing has had big shifts every ten years or so. It all started in the 80s. When the personal computers reached the main stream. It was the first time computing touched the life of many people and revolutionized the way we work.

Roughly a decade later, in the mid 90s, the Web arrived. It is arguably the biggest platform shift we have seen in our lifetimes. It brought the Internet to many more people, radically changed industries, fundamentally changed how people interact and connect with each other.

In the mid 2000s with the advent of the smartphone we had the mobile revolution. That brought computing to probably around half the world’s population. And it’s profoundly changing people’s life. 

The shift continues. When I look ahead at where computing is headed. It’s clear to me that we are evolving to a mobile first to an AI* first world. What do I mean by that? In this world computing will be universally available. It will be there everywhere in the context of a users daily life. People will be able to interact with everybody naturally seamlessly than ever before. And above of all else it will be intelligent. It will help users in more meaningful ways.

*AI: Artificial Intelligence

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Estem amb l'Internet de les coses, actualment ja hi ha més dispositius connectats a internet que no pas persones.